RHPWG Control Measures Subcommittee

Agricultural Field Dust, Eastern California Fire Event, San Jacinto Class I Wilderness Area, California Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California Denali National Park Class I Area, Alaska Los Angeles, California
Regional Haze Planning Workgroup Control Measures Subcommittee

Overview/Purpose for all RHPWG Subcommittees:
The purpose of the subcommittees in their subject areas would be to:
  1. Interact and coordinate with other appropriate WRAP Work Groups for Regional Haze SIP preparation tasks.
  2. Develop principles or protocols to guide RH SIP preparation tasks that are appropriate for western state circumstances.
  3. Determine when and what contract work is needed and assist in preparation of contract tasks and evaluation of work products.
  4. Keep pace of work on schedule for RH SIP preparation
The Control Measures Subcommittee develops Four-Factor Analysis Protocol or Process and assembles a Control Measure Clearinghouse.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

Work Products

WRAP Reasonable Progress Source Identification and Analysis Protocol

WRAP TSS Q/D Analysis webpage

WesternState Round 1 Four Factor Determinations 20191021.xlsx


Curt TaipaleColorado curtis.taipale@state.co.us
Ed MertaAlbuquerque/BC DEH emerta@cabq.gov
Elias ToonArizona Toon.Elias@azdeq.gov
Tina Suarez-MuriasCalifornia christine.suarez-murias@arb.ca.gov
Amanda BrimmerDenver RACQ abrimmer@raqc.org
Aislinn JohnsIdaho Aislinn.Johns@deq.idaho.gov
Craig HenriksonMontana chenrikson@mt.gov
Rebecca HarbageMontana rharbage@mt.gov
Brenda HarpringNevada bharprin@ndep.nv.gov
Kerwin Singleton New Mexico kerwin.singleton@state.nm.us
Mark JonesNew Mexico Mark.Jones@state.nm.us
Pat BrewerWRAP Consultingpfbrewerconsulting@gmail.com
Tom MooreWRAP-WESTAR tmoore@westar.org
Caroline SunWashington casu461@ecy.wa.gov
Gary HuitsingWashington ghui461@ECY.WA.GOV
Rob LeteffWyoming robert.leteff@wyo.gov

Subcommittee Calls

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Other Resources

Coal EGU 4factor template letter (DOCX)

Other Industrial Source 4factor template letter (DOCX)

National Park Service-provided files sent to individual WESTAR-WRAP states for consideration as Reasonable Progress sources for control analysis (July 2019)

New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota