WRAP Technical Steering Committee

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Technical Steering Committee


The TSC provides oversight of WRAP technical projects and Work Groups, and coordinates with WESTAR work groups and committees to provide needed support. The TSC serves as liaison to the Board and reports on the TSC and Work Group activities.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

The TSC holds the lead responsibility for the annual WRAP Workplan. The TSC manages TSC activities and provides oversight to WRAP Work Groups and activities. The TSC organizes, directs, and coordinates WRAP Work Groups and project activities, with the TSC Co-Chairs serving as liaisons to the Board responsible for reporting TSC activities to the Board. Work Group Co-Chairs lead and execute the activities associated with the individual Work Groups.

The TSC will focus on providing oversight of the work groups, committees and projects or tasks by reviewing and directing the effort of WRAP Work Groups and staff to manage projects via routine status reports, the annual workplan and budget, and periodic interaction with contractors. The TSC will meet regularly with Work Group Co-Chairs. The TSC will coordinate among and provide oversight for activities conducted under grants, cooperative agreements, and other Board-authorized projects, and coordinate with WESTAR work groups and committees to ensure WRAP activities provide needed support.

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Steering Committee Meetings


6.29.22 5.25.22 4.27.22 3.30.22 2.23.22 1.26.22 2021

12.9.21 (Board and TSC meeting) 12.1.21 10.27.21 9.29.21 8.2.21 6.30.21 5.26.21 4.28.21 3.31.21 2.24.21 1.27.21 2020

12.15.20 11.17.20 8.26.20 7.29.20 6.24.20 5.27.20 3.25.20 2.26.20 1.29.20 2019

12.04.19 10.30.19 9.25.19 8.28.19 7.31.19 6.26.19 5.29.19 3.27.19 3.13.19 2.27.19 1.30.19 2018

12.19.18 10.31.18 9.26.18 8.29.18 8.1.18 6.26.18 6.5.18 4.9.18 2.26.18 2.5.18 1.8.18 Older Calls
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