RHPWG Monitoring Data and Glide Path Subcommittee

Haze Event, Agua Tibia Class I Wilderness Area, California Station Fire, Haze, California Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California Great Sand Dunes National Park Class I Area, Colorado Salt Lake City Skyline, Utah
Regional Haze Planning Workgroup Monitoring Data and Glide Path Subcommittee

Overview/Purpose for all RHPWG Subcommittees:
The purpose of the subcommittees in their subject areas would be to:
  1. Interact and coordinate with other appropriate WRAP Work Groups for Regional Haze SIP preparation tasks.
  2. Develop principles or protocols to guide RH SIP preparation tasks that are appropriate for western state circumstances.
  3. Determine when and what contract work is needed and assist in preparation of contract tasks and evaluation of work products.
  4. Keep pace of work on schedule for RH SIP preparation
The Monitoring Analysis and Glide Slope subcommitte determines a Workable Western Method for Identifying Most Impaired Days and Reconstructing Glide Path by Redoing Baseline Conditions for 2000-2004 (start point) & Adjusting the Natural Conditions Target for 2064 (end point.)

Responsibilities and Deliverables

Work Products

Site Recommendations for Data Substitution, Air Resource Specialists, Nov. 30, 2018
Monitoring Data & Glide Path Summary Document


Ryan TempletonArizona Templeton.Ryan@azdeq.gov
Elias ToonArizona Toon.Elias@azdeq.gov
Tina Suarez-MuriasCalifornia christine.suarez-murias@arb.ca.gov
Pascale WarrenIdaho Pascale.Warren@deq.idaho.gov
Rebecca HarbageMontana rharbage@mt.gov
Frank ForsgrenNevada fforsgre@ndep.nv.gov
Cindy HollenbergNew Mexico Cindy.Hollenberg@state.nm.us
Kristen MartinOregon Martin.kristen@deq.state.or.us
Phil AllenOregon allen.philip@deq.state.or.us
Pat BrewerWRAP Consultingpfbrewerconsulting@gmail.com
Tom MooreWRAP-WESTAR tmoore@westar.org
Jean-Paul HuysWashington jhuy461@ecy.wa.gov
Amber PottsWyoming amber.potts@wyo.gov

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